Diagnosis Page 6

Chris Says: If you or someone you love has suffered injury or loss of work through an inability to stop rocking, Awesome Hospital can help.

Matt Says: “Can You Take Me High Enough” – Every time Chris and Chad reference a song in Dr. Guitar Solo’s dialogue, it manages to stick in my head for days. Such is their power. Thanks, guys.  As Dr. Dirtbike makes his exit, it strikes me that at the time I drew these pages, I though that he would present the biggest challenge. Little did I know…

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  1. Jon Hex

    Reggie’s on the Stairway To Heaven, isn’t he?

  2. MaxtotheMax

    Why isn’t Doctor Luchadore EVERYWHERE EVER?

  3. epoverb1

    Here’s a third comment since you were hating on people who didn’t comment. Yeppers.

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