Diagnosis, Page 8

Chris Says: This is the last of the original eight pages that we created to pitch to Zuda.  And going purely by Matt’s rendering of the Caduceus on Dr. Guitar Solo’s axe, it is also the pinnacle of artistic achievement on the planet Earth.

Chad Says: Okay, so yeah, that’s the first eight pages.  Can you believe Zuda said “no” to that?  Us neither.  Starting next week, you guys will start to see what we consider the “SOMEWHAT NEW!  SOMEWHAT DIFFERENT!” plot stylings of  Awesome Hospital – hope you survive the experience!

Matt Says: A caduceus-topped, flying v guitar – I don’t know if something like this exists in the real world, but it should.

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  1. Steven

    Two questions:

    How hard did you fight the urge to write “Rock-perate”?


    How long until the inevitable crossover with the Doctor who is also a Ninja?

  2. Ilion

    For a second I was so sure he was gonna Rockerate! I can only hope this leads to huge splash pages of rock operation.

  3. Luke

    It’s a solid fact that anyone who turned this down is a damn fool. That’s not just comics publishers, that goes for random people stopped in the street. And the perfect pacing of Rock Operate is the perfect cliffhanger – will things stay awesome, or will they get awesomer?

  4. Hooray for Gooba!

    Rock Operate is a sweet pun on Rock Opera. Much better than Rock-perate in my opinion.

  5. Dee2theBee

    I completely agree with Luke.

    I only have to say, I worry about things getting too awesome. Will my body be able to even contain it?

  6. guayec

    awesome hospital cures everything but makes you an addict
    ill be back next tuesday, just like everyone else

  7. Dean

    Steven is right- surely Doctor McNinja has operating privileges at Awesome Hospital. :)

  8. twilightcorps

    I wonder if the new health care plan covers treatment at Awesome Hospital? Cuz I’m thinking of changing my provider.

    Doctors Guitar Solo, Space Baby, Dirtbike and apparently Santa Claus. I really want them as my medical team.

  9. Earlofthercs

    One can only assume that zuda turned this down because zuda is a competition; everyone else would just give up once they saw this comic made of pure awesome derived win.

  10. Chris Sims

    How long until the inevitable crossover with the Doctor who is also a Ninja?

    I’m pretty sure that we’re so far beneath Chris Hastings’ notice that he’d need a microscope to read us.

  11. Austin J

    I Came to this page from a link on HIS comic. Chris Hastings is the reason I am here.

    Trust me, He knows. He knows.

  12. Bobolequiff

    “Rock operate” is in the running for most awesome thing ever.

  13. chudleycannonfodder

    Well, if it counts for anything, Zuda’s shutting down so at least you got a headstart on them all trying to start up their comics again.

  14. Jenny Creed

    Fender Stratocaduceus: The missing link between Hermes and speed metal.

  15. Belimoth

    The caduceus-guitar never needs to be tuned? Righteous.

  16. Mome Rath

    How long does it take to rock-uperate from a rock operation?