Diagnosis, Page 9

Chris Says: Sometimes Matt draws things just for me.

Chad Says: “Why, yes, I do in fact try to include a Frankenstein in everything I write.  Thank you for noticing, Christopher.”

Matt Says: Aaaand we’re back. There was a 4 month void in my life where I wasn’t drawing anything awesome (I don’t count the Solomon Stone Christmas Special, as that was clearly radical).

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  1. Tales to Enrage

    Looks like that vampire had a run in with Batman.

  2. guayec

    so, do you think they got CRANK 2 out of that car battery scene?

  3. Metz77

    Dr. Bulldog On A Skateboard is my favorite.

  4. Masked Avenger

    I’m now picturing Chris and Chad’s Action Method of writing, in which they search for insane things in a dictionary, and then add “Doctor” or “nurse” before in their name.
    It’s working like a charm so far.

  5. Clairbearattack

    I’m so happy that health care reform passed. Now I can finally, FINALLY see Dr. Bulldog on a Skateboard without my HMO getting in my way.

  6. Jay Potts

    I’m more amused than I should be by Dr. Bulldog On A Skateboard.

    – JEP

  7. Dee2theBee

    Dr. Bulldog is now currently my favorite, but I’m sure in a couple strips when they introduce someone else, I’ll change my mind.

    I like to imagine he talks in a thick Detroit Accident.

  8. Dee2theBee

    errr Accent.

  9. Rebell

    Hahaha, Mr. Noone. He’s a very intelligent man on the Internet… Noone knows.

  10. Deamon Fire

    Is that guy in the waiting room Solomon Stone? Also, is that the guy from The Mentalist I spy onn the TV Guide being……..read by a TV?
    We need to see more of Dr. Bulldog on a Skateboard.

  11. Simon

    Right now, until I’m told otherwise, Doc BDoaS is going to sound like Nixon

  12. Jenny Creed

    Everything with Dr. Bulldog on a Skateboard is five times funnier since I trigged his first name is Paul. “But who’s pulling?”

  13. ant

    Yup, officially best thing ever.

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