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Chris Says: Phew, I was worried we weren’t going to get our mandatory use of the word “stat!” out of the way early.

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  1. Metz77

    I want a surgeon who rides a motocross bike in the hospital.

  2. Ken

    the closeup on the awesome scalpel-grab made me LOL. LOL.

  3. James Gilbert

    Nice! All the dialogue ends in exclamation points! Very awesome!

  4. Dean

    Love the combined helmet/surgical mask.

  5. Earlofthercs

    Are you lads aware of the Awesome Foundation (I think they’re called) a philanthropic organisation that hands out money to support things that are awesome in order to encourage and support more awesomeness in the world? I think they normally focus on awesome charitable or scientific organisations but Im sure, in your field of the arts, it would be worth submitting a proposal for Action Age comics.

  6. Tanzim

    Loving the concept so far.

  7. lain

    Yes, but he’d get icky dirt bits in my bodily cavity…

  8. Simon

    I need to work “AWESOMERGENCY!” into my everyday speech…