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Chris Says: If you’re telling me Dr. Space Baby is not the sensational character find of 2010, then you are a lying liar who lies.

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  1. Mary Sue

    Sorry, Chris, but consensus in the OR at the Big Ol’ Hospital I work at is that Dr. Dirtbike is the best character of 2010.

    And consensus among the administration is that we’re not getting a ramp to do stunt surgeries. Damnit.

  2. Sean Hollenhors

    Great. Now my brains have been ‘slpoded all over the room. Thanks Awesome Hospital!

  3. Bill Reed

    I dunno, he’s pretty awesome, but there’s this Dr. Dirtbike guy who’s pretty cool too.

    And, well, Axe Cop.

  4. Jay Potts

    Um, Dr. Space Baby, you’re the one who came into a sterile room, breathing over everything with your face hanging out. I don’t know how they did things in space, or the womb, or wherever the hell it is you came from, but where I come from, THAT’s “compwetewy iwwesponsible!”

    (Ooh, I just served an infant. Why don’t I feel better about myself.)

  5. Mathew Digges

    Dr. Space Baby is my favorite character to draw, so far. The footie-pajama space suit cracks me up every time.

  6. epoverb1

    Hey I’m enjoying this!

  7. Mike @ MHH

    My favorite part of all the AH universe is the medical professionals who come to comment about how Dr. Space Baby and Dr. Dirtbike aren’t doing something in a responsible medical manner, while simultaneously endorsing dirtbikes and baby’s in operating rooms.

  8. Jay Potts

    Mike @ MHH-
    Science is science, but if you can’t get behind endorse dirtbikes and space babies in operating rooms, you’re just unAmerican. Once there’s a journal review on the efficacy of dirtbikes in treating death ray trauma, I’m sure Dr. Space Baby will come around to the dirtbike surgery technique. Then we’ll have a baby on a dirtbike and the Internet will crack in half…again.

  9. trey

    Glad to see Awesome Hospital online at last! Instead of just hearing about it. Endlessly. I kid.

    Anyway, Jay & Mike:

    There was, in fact, one published article on dirt-bike interventions in acute trauma: see (The Use of Unconventional Techniques in Extreme Trauma. Bonedevill K., et al. Eur J Im Surg. Nov 2008).

    However, its not a randomized control trial and has it methodological problems.

  10. Boneman

    I like to imagine Dr. Space Baby talks with this voice:

  11. Durvin

    Not gonna lie…at first, I thought Dr. Space Baby was Dig-Dug.

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