Diagnosis, Page 10

Chris Says: No April Fool’s Day joke here at Awesome Hospital.  We’re a little too new to go pulling shennanigans that interrupt our update schedule.  In either case, Dr. Space Baby’s Brother Eye-ish raygun is maybe my third favorite thing in the comic so far.

Chad Says: Enter: Dr. Bulldog On A Skateboard.  You’re welcome, folks – it was nothin’, really.

Matt Says: Mitch is about to get some healthcare… from the future. Dr. Space Baby’s raygun says “I got your healthcare reform right here.”

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  1. Dee2theBee


    Awesome (hospital), indeed!

  2. Joe Kemp

    Oh, you guys. I was thinking, okay, cute idea for a gag. But you keep pulling things out yo butts that makes me think this strip is the comics version of “The Song That Never Ends” (as sung by Brak) and that you will always surprise me and I will never want to stop singing. Awe. Some.

  3. Dee2theBee


  4. Brad Curran

    That could be a whole storyline by itself. I mean, why are babies ever cranky?

    Also, I can assure you that Dr. Bulldog on a Skateboard will be my mom’s favorite thing on the internet for at least a couple of days after I show her this, so… just wanted to let you all know that.

  5. Michael Llakor Ryan

    Dr. SpaceBaby’s gun has KIRBY CRACKLES!

  6. epoverb1

    Joe Kemp – prepare to be mentioned as a hater on their podcast.

    Yes, I’m hating on their selection of haters.

  7. Jenny Creed

    Dr. Space Baby seems to be powered entirely by Kirby dots. Maybe the Kirby dot provides a basic, ink-based version of zero point energy? You guys could be on to something real here.