Diagnosis, Page 15

Chris Says:  If only my ex-girlfriend had an audible warning for when she was becoming emotional…

Matt Says: I patterned Dr. Dirtbike’s shirt in an homage to another fictional doctor that made me realize that, sometimes, I am the worst kind of nerd.  So hey, how about a contest?  The first person to identify Dr. Dirtbike’s shirt gets a sketched postcard!  Leave a comment!

Chad Says:  Digges’ design for Judith is an absolute thing of beauty.  Almost as great as Dr. Dirtbike’s casual wear.

Also, with all the recent interest in Jack Kirby’s unproduced work at Ruby Spears, it’s only proper to mention a series he pitched called Animal Hospital.  It’s exactly what is sounds like – a hospital drama wherein all the staff are animals – and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a direct influence on what we’re doing.

According to the card, it was too risque for prime time!

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  1. Jason

    Trapper John from MASH, right?

  2. Bob Bruhin
  3. Phil Looney

    I’m going to now write my Awesome Hospital fan fiction where Dr. Robot give birth to Dr. Dirkbike’s baby; who will be named Dr. Dirtbike Jr and will also be an actual dirtbike. Dr. Dirtbike will then ride Jr. at work, and they become the greatest father/son medical team in history.

  4. Jay Potts

    Dr. Dirtbike obviously likes to ride mechanical things.

  5. Jason

    Oh God Phil, you need to write that. I envision it ending in a Father/Son Drift-Racing competition.

  6. Michael Llakor Ryan


  7. rlsims

    Gonzo Gates?

  8. KentL

    Looking forward to the Ultrauma Room Zero spinoff.

  9. Nick Newt

    Trapper John was going to be my first guess, but seeing as that’s taken I’ll go with Hawkeye Pierce.

  10. Mathew Digges

    Jason: You got it right out of the gate!:


    I see that I’m going to have to make this harder in the future. Email me your address at sequentialmail (at) yahoo (point) com, and I’ll get that sketchcard out to you.

    Good guesses from Bob and Michael. If the shirt was brown and had a bigger collar, I’d have to give it to you. Nick, you should have trusted your feelings. risims gets points for hitting close with an associate of Earth 2 Trapper John.

    Phil: I want to draw that.

    Jay: That’s filthy. I know because I had the same thought the whole time I was drawing this page.

  11. Phil Looney

    Jason: Of course it would end in a drift racing competition. In Tokyo. On the mountain where drift racing was invented.

  12. ShadowWing Tronix

    Phil, that may be what happens in Ultrama Room Zero. Dr. D is the #1 expert in the country in drift surgery.

  13. anonymous

    totally missed the chance for this Dr. Robot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ImKyXtvoaM (comes in at about 1:12)

  14. Jenny Creed

    Calling it now: Dr. Dirtbike’s Traumaha is the father.

    Meanwhile, ULTRAUMA ROOM ZERO is the most serious-sounding place on serious Earth I’ve ever heard of.

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