Diagnosis, Page 16

Chad Says: Dr. Celebrity Guest-Star?  Wait, is that…!?!

Matt Says: With this page, Chris and Chad have indulged my not-so-secret desire to draw a proper Kirby-esque Astro-harness for Dr. Space Baby.

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  1. Phil Looney


  2. Dustin

    Now that you’ve introduced Barkley, I have to ask: will there be a Chaos Dunk in Awesome Hospital’s future?

  3. Ken

    Dr. Dirtbike looks like he’s giving Dr. Space Baby a widdle kissie before his mission…Awww…

  4. Bill Reed

    Will Dr. Celebrity Guest Star be a different celebrity every scene? That could be fun.

  5. Chad Bowers

    Phil – YES!

    Dustin – I’d say there’s a very good chance.

    Ken – Mike Dirtbike is a man sexy enough to impregnate a robot. Don’t ever call his kisses “widdle” again.

    Bill – Every single time.

  6. Wolkin

    I am going to invent a comic award the is more important than the Eisner just so that i can give it to Awesome Hospital.

  7. Kirizaki


  8. epoverb1

    Kirby swipe on baby doc.

  9. Swagger678

    Difference between a swipe and a homage. Learn it.

    How could this possibly not be accepted by Zuda?

  10. Derrickvi

    Dear God, this is the most fun I had in 10 minutes ever. (I just read from First to Current).

  11. epoverb1

    Swagger – difference between sarcasm and posturing. Eat it.

  12. Matt

    Swung in from Dr. McNinja’s recommendation and I’m pleased that I did. More, please. Much more.

    Adding to my daily check list right away.

  13. A different Matt

    I am very much in love with the idea that Dr Celebrity Guest Star is going to change every scene. Please, for the love of all that is awesome, make him David Bowie once.

  14. Austin J

    Awesome Hospital INDEED.

    Just added yall to my comic RSS. WHICH IS A LOFTY LIST. Only room for the best. And how can you NOT be on the list.

    Just saying. Please keep it up. This is some awesomesauce.

  15. Rufus Jenkins

    I too am here due to a recommendation from Dr. McNinja and can’t believe the amount of awesome that is crammed into 5 panels. Consider me a new loyal follower.

  16. jer

    Finally checked out Awesome hospital and this is g.d. funny. Especially the intro of Dr. Dirtbike nad Dr. Guitar Solo. Awesome.

  17. Rebell

    I’m glad I had a look at Christopher’s recommendations. This will be added to my RSS feed. Keep it up!

  18. LaughingTarget

    Dr. Dirtbike’s voice = Hoss Delgado from Billy and Mandy. That’s how I read him in my mind, and it makes him even more awesome. And I’m here from Dr. McNinja, this is now the 5th comic that I have ever bothered to bookmark.

  19. hrwilliams

    Why does Dr. Space Baby look so OLD sometimes… I’m… terrified of him!
    Haha, I like your premise, though. Hope the guy from the first page gets to come back! He seemed like an interesting “straight man” for this crowd of weirdos.

    My favorite so far is the pregnant robot. 😉 Keep up the good work!

  20. Kate

    If I’m ever put under witness protection or have reason to change my name, I am totally going to be Miss Eve L Genius. Best name ever.

  21. Fed

    I think we need to get some Caruso up in this.

  22. Schlega

    @hrwilliams – He did show up again. He took Dr. Spacebaby’s surgery gun.

  23. Sam

    I swung over here from Dr. Ninja, and I’ve just read throught the whole comic … twice.
    I have to say that this is one of the most amazing things on the internet !
    I have bookmarked this, and plan to come back again, and again, and again …

    I second the idea that David Bowie should be a Celebrity Guest Star.
    Dr. Dirtbike + Dr. Robot = FTW

  24. KaosMachina


  25. DreameR

    Was referred by Dr Mcninja, I see you are specialists in AWESOME!

  26. Ozmandious

    This comic rocks! Found it at McNinja, and I love it!

  27. Flash

    Love that you have Barkley in his Suns uniform. All the way to finals, baby!

  28. Rob McMonigal

    I’m not sure which is cooler–the Kirby glider, the Dr. Celebrity Guest Star, or Never Underestimate the Youth of America, as spoken by Elmer Fudd.

  29. Tony

    I can’t wait to see what you do with Dr. Space Baby’s exer-saucer.

  30. Jenny Creed

    Dr. Mike Dirtbike? I just realized, you guys are worse than Stan Lee with his alliterations. . .

  31. Kyran "Kyronic" Sawhill

    I also came here from Dr. McNinja, and now I have another [awesome] webcomic to catch up on.