Diagnosis, Page 22

Chris Says: If you don’t have at least three rock songs mashing up in your head right now, I have failed at my job.

Chad Says: And the slow build begins to move just a little faster.  In my head, there’s a drummer in the background pumping out a steady “thump-thump-thump-thump-thump” on the base drum.

Matt Says: Just when I think I’ve figured out who my favorite character is, Chris and Chad give me a page like this that makes me reconsider my choices.

Josh Says: This is the one where Sven edged out Dr. Space Baby as my favorite AH character. The mantle of Hendrix is awesome, but lonely.

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  1. Rob McMonigal

    I think I am going to start using “Halen help us all” in regular conversation!

  2. Michael Llakor Ryan

    Is it a coincidence that part of the medical solution is the theme to Cat People?

  3. Hard_Rocker87

    Well, I usually say “Dio help us all”, since Dio means God in italian and all that, and the only gods I believe in are Kirby’s New Gods and the Metal Gods. My congratulations to all of you for such an awesome comic from an avid Awesome Hospital reader in Spain!

  4. Billy Dickmeyer

    This portion of the comic is by far my favorite. The rock doctor is just too rich. :)
    Not to say this hospital doesn’t live up to its name… It is truly AWESOME.
    Keep the awesomeocity at full tilt!

  5. Vitothedon

    “Putting out his fire… With Gasoline!” Greatest use of my favorite Bowie song ever. Bravo Sirs, Bravo.

  6. HydrogenGuy

    This is my favorite AH page yet. It is damn near perfect.

  7. maxbenign

    “Halen help us all…”

    Collectively? Just Eddie? Gospel According to David or Book of Hagar?

    Religion is confusing.

  8. Phill
  9. Filtiarn

    Just thought this should be posted here, as this comic has come at such a tragic time for rock n roll.
    RIP RJD. He lives on in our hearts and in our music.

  10. Jenny Creed

    Oh yeah, I was wondering why there could be such a problem as rocking too hard. At Awesome Hospital no less.

  11. elie

    there is no such thing as rocking too hard haha
    halen help us all great man

    lock and loll

  12. Darren

    Oh I am _so_ stealing that for use in random conversations.

    “Who the hell are you?”
    “In this university… I AM Hendrix!”