Diagnosis, Page 24

Chad Says: Wish I had recorded it, so I could post the audio from when I told Sims how I wanted to “cure” Reggie.  Saying that we almost got engaged just doesn’t do it justice.

Chris Says:  I knew this was the only way this could end, but at first, I was a little worried that Zuda wouldn’t let us pull this one off.  Eventually, however, that became not so much of an issue.

Also, once again Matt Digges knocks it out of the park.  I love that Dr. Caveman is not happy about this development, while Dr. Dirtbike?  He’s seen better.

Matt Says: Now it’s a party.

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  1. Jason

    Oh man you guys, Dr. Bruce Lee, Nurse Native American, Janitor Swamp Thing, Dr. Lucadore? What an amazing comic, I can’t wait for more. Well done.

  2. Feanor

    Awesome Hospital is truly… wait for it… awesome. Thanks, guys. Looking forward to #2.

  3. HydrogenGuy

    Is that Swamp Thing wearing a Mike Sterling cap?

  4. Richy

    Is that Dr. Bruce Lee? And Dr. Swamp Thing?

  5. Wolter


  6. Mike @ MHH

    And Euge representing on the back row?

  7. Naked Bunny with a Whip

    Hot pasty-ass action!

  8. Gabe

    Dr. Caveman may not be happy about it, but he isn’t looking away, either…

    Awesome Hospital is just fantastic on every level. You guys rock.

  9. Erich

    Is Dr. Celebrity Guest Star Bruce Lee this week?

  10. Filtiarn

    Or is Bruce a permanent character?

  11. twilightcorps

    Awesome Medicine, the greatest thing ever.

    And yet for these guys, This is just another thursday.

  12. Dean

    I love that Dr. Space Baby’s eyes are covered. Gotta protect the children, even if they are doctors!

  13. ShadowWing Tronix

    In all seriousness (don’t worry, the others will pick up my slack), I like how part of the word balloon is covered by the sheet. If your going to censor, have fun with it.

  14. Miller

    I can honestly say that was not only the random solution possible but quite possibly the most Awesome solution to a problem, ever.

    You guys never cease to keep raising the bar, Awesomely

  15. SandoicchiEmbe

    What does he have out whilst rocking out? I don’t understand!

  16. Mitzi

    really SandoicchiEmbe? its kinda obvious if you think of the fact that he had nothing under that shirt, and the doctor just ripped the shirt off…. I needn’t go any further

  17. Cmdr. Foo

    In the previous page I was worried about the skimpy hospital napkin-of-a-robe. Now I need to worry no more.

  18. SandoicchiEmbe

    Not really Mitzi, but thanks anyway for the explanation 😉

  19. Frank

    Where’s Doctor Bulldog On A Skateboard???

    I’m disappointed by his absence!!
    The crowd demands more of him!!!

  20. Chris Sims

    He’s there. You just can’t see him because he’s down on the floor.

  21. George

    it starts with the letter D
    and ends with K
    and has IC in the middle
    now put it all together….

  22. chudleycannonfodder

    I like Janitor Swamp Thing. I hope Dr. Lucha Libre and Dr. Lee get to team up in the future!

  23. Brian W.

    Why didn’t he try playing the “Cure”? Ah, more bad music puns, hooray!

  24. Kyran "Kyronic" Sawhill

    George, yeah, but it’s another word used to describe it. It rhymes with “rock…”

  25. Kyran "Kyronic" Sawhill

    Also, I like Dr. Dirtbike’s expression and how Dr. Robot is looking at him. And the Bruce Lee cameo.

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