Awesome Hospital #2:  Malignant

Awesome Hospital #2:  Malignant

New story arc starts Tuesday.

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  1. Leo Petr

    Awesome pic!

    We want more female doctors and male nurses.:-)

  2. Bob Bruhin

    This image needs to be a poster.

    Just sayin’!

  3. Smitty

    I love that the … I was going to say lightning, which just goes to show ya … is shooting right from the paddle to the logo. Well played.

  4. Jenny Creed

    It would be realistic, and non-awesome, to have more male doctors and female nurses. So, more female doctors and male nurses then?

    By the way it might interest you that the coloring here almost single-handedly inspired a friend of mine to find his own art style. (See link.)

  5. msouth