Malignant, Page 1

Chris Says: And we’re off with the start of our second storyline!

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  1. Hooray for Gooba!

    Santa is too old for this $#*!.

  2. LaughingTarget

    Ho, ho, ho, motherf&%*s.

  3. billso

    That’s a hellacommute to Awesome Hospital. Then again, he’s got FLYING reindeer.

  4. Deamon Fire

    I wonder where Santa parks his reindeer. Surly that can’t be sanitary!

  5. Mike @ MHH

    @ Deamon Fire: That’s why he employs elves for housecleaning duties.

  6. Jenny Creed

    Santa works one-day shifts I’m guessing? And by day I mean six months, North Pole style.