Malignant, Page 2

Chris Says:  I don’t even think I have to say this, but yes:  It’s hot cocoa.

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  1. ticknart

    HIs pee, or the stuff in the cup?

  2. robcat

    “How bad can it be?” Pretty standard foreshadowing, but the phone more than makes up for it! When do we meet Dr. Daisy and Nurse Bo and Nurse Luke? And would that be Anesthesiologist Baracus’s van in the back? Can’t wait to see what happens next! Lovin’ the strip and tellin’ my friends!

  3. Holaved

    Is it sad that I think Santa *doesn’t* look like a tool because his bluetooth is shaped like a candy cane?

    (heck, maybe IS a candy cane?)

  4. HydrogenGuy

    So does Dr. Dirtbike ride two dirtbikes to work? Because that would be insane awesome.

  5. billso

    Santa’s using a candy cane handset. No Bluetooth – he’s old school, and that sleigh won’t stop the wind.

  6. Jeremy Henderson

    I was wondering the same thing, HydrogenGuy. We need a picture of that, guys!

  7. Undrave

    Obviously Dr. Dirtbike rides a bike to work and uses a DIFFERENT bike for his operations. It wouldn’t be sanitary to bring that bike in an operating room!

  8. Chad Bowerse

    Here’s the deal with Mike’s bikes…

    He has seven “getting to work” bikes — one for each day.

    Professionally, he has a couple different bikes that he uses for making rounds at the hosptial.

    But when it comes to surgery, he only rides the best: the Traumaha YZ4500.

  9. Mike @ MHH

    Traumaha YZ4500!!! How long you been waiting to use that, Chad? I put the over at 3 months.

  10. Darth Paul

    Love the General Lee and A-Team van in the parking lot. This comic is most officially awesome!

  11. Jon Hex

    Bo and Luke need to be either orderlies or the guys who deliver transplants. Only the fastest for AWESOME HOSPITAL.

  12. Jon Hex

    They’re never meaning no harm because they took the Hippocratic Oath!

  13. Ted

    LOVE the Kirby bike.