Malignant, Page 6

Chris Says: I’m not gonna lie: When the Action Age crew hit HeroesCon, there were bros getting iced all weekend.

Josh Says: TRUE CONFESSIONS: I… I kinda like Smirnoff Ice.

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  1. robcat

    Words you are sure you would never say in your own lifetime: “I want Dr. Dog On A Skateboard. Get Dr. Fratboy away from me!” As a teacher, though, I am afraid Weakler employs a Dr. Seventh Grade Boy. MORTALLY afraid!

  2. Metz77

    Loving this storyline. Anything that shows off Chris and Chad’s insanely off-the-wall humor is okay by me.

  3. MaxtotheMax

    Paul Bulldog On A Skateboard. Yes.

  4. Saigon333

    TRUE CONFESSIONS: I… I kinda like Dr. Fratboy

  5. Undrave

    Dr. Fratboy is totally weakass. Humorously so but still weakass!

  6. Joe

    I trust Dr. Fratboy is an orthopedic surgeon?

    Great stuff, guys.

  7. Sean

    T-T-Totally Tubular. The dawg iz badazz! ><

  8. Morey

    Is Dr. Fratboy applying (and failing) to be a Gynecologist? I’d assume he keeps getting drunk before the exams and getting chased by an angry Dean

  9. Napoleon

    Please tell me Dr. Fratboy’s first name is Broseph.

    Or at least Joseph.

  10. Jenny Creed

    At least Dr. Fratboy keeps his lab coat collar folded, so he might not be a total douche. . .so far.

  11. Darren

    I’m also stealing that line too.

    “Wanna try this smoky rum punch?”
    “Not even if it was my own poop, you degenerate.”