Awesome Hospital:  Malignant, Page 7

Chris Says: What?  Dude is handsome.

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  1. Nora Rocket

    Oh hell. That’s good. That’s….so good.

  2. phillyradiogeek

    Hey, there are comic writers on Grey’s Anatomy’s staff…

  3. Jeremy Henderson

    Every panel of this comic was just me going “Oh my god!” with increasing numbers of exclamation points each time.

  4. Dan Lokhorst

    I was sort of hoping that it would be another, smaller helmet.

  5. ShadowWing Tronix

    I think I hate Dr. Fanfic and I just met her. I’m not usually that quick to judge.

  6. Dean

    ShadowWing Tronix, we can never be friends. :)

  7. Undrave

    Oh god this is HILARIOUS!

  8. Fawnzie

    I re-read the first 3 panels twice, each time i was thinking WTF??? then i continued on and sighed and thought “well that make complete sense now” haha!

  9. jonny the homicidal drummer

    i finally gave into chris’ constant self promotion

    and it paid off!!

    these new doctors are weakass
    but i hope one of them kills dr spacebaby

  10. Jon Hex


  11. Cathy

    Ahahaha! I’d read that LJ slashfic community.

  12. avatarjk137

    …Well played, sirs.

    I write fanfics, and it is admittedly a little weakass. Still, I like to think the truly weakass thing about her is that she writes when people’s lives are at stake.

  13. robcat

    I hear Dr. Batman has some shark repellent.

    And I am not sure Dr. Fanfic is bad, per se, as many fanfic writers have gone on to respectable writing careers, but, good lord, a hundred debibrilators??? At least the handsome face of TV’s Nathan Fillion didn’t sparkle…

  14. killersquirrel

    That he is, Chris. That he is.

  15. Mikki

    Dears sirs,

    As each new Weakass staff member you introduce to us proves to be even more pathetic than the last, your strips do the exact opposite.

  16. ShadowWing Tronix

    “ShadowWing Tronix, we can never be friends. ”

    I’m not the one writing 2-bit slashfic (about a dude whose robot girlfriend is pregnant with his child–who needs a luchador in this situation?) while wearing a Twilight shirt of all things instead of grabbing shark repellent spray for a stuntman when I should be asking for tickets to his next attempt.

    If you have to ask attempt at what, you’re obviously new to the Internet. Hi.

  17. LaughingTarget

    Here’s something I’ve wondered. Dr. Fanfic says “TV’s Nathan Fillion”. Is there a Nathan Fillion that isn’t on TV?

  18. Sean

    Awesome hospital is awesome!

  19. Jeffrey

    That is amazing.

  20. McCormick

    I was hoping it was the Shark Repellent Bat-Spray!

  21. Jon Hex

    If there’s a Dr. Dark Knight or Dr. Caped Crusader at AH, I may need medical aassistance for awesome overload.

  22. 12th

    Hmm. I’ve been looking for a medical-grade offroad bike, perhaps I should go talk to my local Traumaha dealer.

  23. Jenny Creed

    If Dr. Dirtbike ever removes his helmet, I’m sure we’ll be presented to the shadow-colored cowl and blank unfeeling stare of Batman.

  24. The Immolated Poet

    Reading the first 2 panels I was devastated that Dr. Dirtbike would ever remove his helmet – no matter how handsome. Then reading the third panel I thought it was Dr. Luchador’s fantasy. XD Reading the last 2 panels I let out a sigh of relief.

  25. Resone

    you know your life is an anime if you have a freind like that~ XD

  26. Dkicker

    Great task writing Awesome Hospital – Awesome Hospital: Malignant, Page 7. I’d like to read more about this subject.

  27. Kyran "Kyronic" Sawhill

    This is hilarious.

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