Malignant, Page 5

Chris Says: Letterer supreme Josh Krach, everybody.

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  1. Hooray for Gooba!

    Man, that’s totally weakass.

  2. Punchmaster

    If they’re all going to be mirror opposites of the other characters, I’m looking forward to seeing Doctor Tricycle, Doctor Chihuahua On A Couch and Doctor Wistful Piano Interlude.

  3. Metz77

    Oh man, this is looking more and more promising every installment.

  4. Scott


  5. Josh Krach

    It’ll show u no mercy, but it’ll sho nuf, sho nuff… well. You know.

  6. Ken

    “Darling Nikki” Syndrome … I could have lived happily and never again be reminded of that lyric… but, you know, awesome…

  7. Yusaku777

    She must’ve already tossed away her raspberry beret.

  8. robcat

    Where is Dr. Barry Manilow? I know he’s there…

  9. Filthy McMonkey

    Is it just me, or does the Doc look suspiciously like Charlie Sheen in that last panel?

  10. dan

    My lord. Those word rain clouds are just perfect.

  11. Kirsten

    More strong, cool, girl characters please! Everyone knows that Nurse Emo should’ve been a dude with black eyeliner, black fingernails, and super skinny jeans to fit his super skinny weakass body. I will call Feminist Hulk!