Malignant, Page 4

Josh Says: I refuse to believe there was anyone Santa Claus couldn’t get along with.

Chris Says: In Action Age continuity, we at least know Santa’s got an evil twin.

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  1. Naked Bunny with a Whip

    If an inspirational speech from Santa Claus doesn’t get your blood flowing, then you’re just dead inside, man.

  2. robcat

    I am afraid of who might be behind the door. Dr. Yanni? Edward the Night Nurse? Lindsey Lohan the cafeteria lady?

  3. billso

    Oh, this is gonna be fun…

  4. Deamon Fire

    @robcat Edward The Night Nurse may be a real possibility, unfortunately. In the books Edward’s vampire father is actually a doctor. A vampire-doctor could only work at Weakass Hospital, because seriously, that is pretty weakass. It would be the best Twilight insult ever, and I am not sure whether or not I want it. O.O

  5. MaxtotheMax

    Should we be using Awesome Hospital as an adj. now?

  6. LtFoo

    If you can’t beat them, welcome them in and ASSIMILATE THEM

  7. Holaved

    …want to see Dr. Caveman’s diplomacy skills. 😀