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Chris Says: Hey!  If you’re going to be at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International, be on the lookout for me and “Marvelous” Matt Digges!  We don’t have a table (although our friends at Agreeable Comics do) but if you see us wandering around, come up and say hi!

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  1. robcat

    Nurse Punk Rock better watch out. If there can be a video and song with Def Leppard and Tim McGraw then can a Dr. Guitar Solo and Dr. New Country team-up be far behind?

    And Dr. New Country should be working at A.H. anyway. He’s a damn fine doctor.

  2. Tim C

    I have never hated an Awesome Hospital character until now. By the way, thank you for making it clear that it’s Dr. “NEW” Country. Get me 100cc’s of Hank Williams, stat!

  3. billso

    +1 Tim. All we need now is Dr. AutoTune to make it a party.

  4. Filtiarn

    Is that a… jean trenchcoat?

  5. Jon Hex

    Holy shit, that is a denim trenchcoat!
    Dr. Guitar Solo is like, “Not through my amp!”

  6. Phil "The Thrill" Looney

    I hate this dude more than Nurse Emo

  7. Undrave

    Gotta admit, that eagle guitar is pretty nice. Still a Hospital is no place to make political statements!

  8. Bravo Cavisi

    That’s a denim LABcoat, folks.

  9. Undrave

    That can’t be sanitary.

    I think the biggest differences between the Weakass folks and the Awesome Hospital staff is that the Awesome staff putt what makes them Awesome and unique to the service of medecine, not waste everybody’s time. No profesionalism at all! So Weakass!

  10. NBarnes

    The sad thing is that Dr. Country was a retired ex-Awesome Hospital regular. When not practicing awesome medicine, he went by his given name; Johnny Cash.

  11. Sean

    Yes! Peace returns to Awesome Hospital with the removal of one simple amp cable….

  12. Jon Hex

    OH MY GOD! Is that Dr. The Dragon in panel three?!

  13. Jon Hex

    And Dr. Noir in panel one?

  14. 12th

    The true weakass moment is when we meet the Weakler & Assoc. Insurance Verification Clerk. Awesome Hospital might be run by jolly ol’ St. Nick (no cash up front), but your check better clear pronto for the Weakass Hospital Administration.

  15. 12th

    Actually, I take it back. If Weakler has Dr. 80’s Prop-Comic on staff, that will be the most weakass moment in history.

  16. Chad Bowers

    Okay, 12th, who are you? You know what I’m asking and why, right?

  17. Bolshoi

    Jon Hex: In Panel 1, that’s Dr. Raphael Nolan Brown, also known as Dr. R.N.B, first seen on page 27

  18. McCormick

    What? Panel 3 is Nurse Punk Rock again. And I don’t get the Dr. R. N. B. reference — that’s Nurse Boombox in Panel 1…?

  19. 12th

    No clue, Chad. I think you have my email addy since I had to plug it in to comment. Drop me a line if you wish.

  20. Jon Hex

    In panel 3, I’m talking about the guy with the yellow jumpsuit in the background, not Nurse Punk Rock whose in the foreground. In panel 1, I’m talking about the man in the foreground at the bottom left in the hat.

  21. Josh Krach

    I’m pretty sure that’s Nurse Boombox noiring it up in panel 1.

  22. Velarn

    Sirs, I must confess that I am predisposed to absolutely loath Dr. New Country.

    However, I know that with your wonderful humor and wit, you will provide entertainment from him for me. Eventually. Thank you for that.

  23. robcat

    Is that Intern Pull My Finger on the right?

  24. The Immolated Poet

    I hated this Dr. New Country the second I saw him. Whoever said that each new weakass employee introduced is more weakass than the last was right. Hail Dio and burn Dr. New Country.

  25. Kyran "Kyronic" Sawhill

    Yeah, not a big fan of Dr. New Country so far…

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