Malignant, Page 12

Chad Says: Little known fact about Michael R. Dirtbike: Dude LOVES pink long-sleeve tees.

Josh Says: Heh.

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  1. Jay Potts

    Always a pleasant surprise to see which new character is coming around the corner. Also, great job with the lettering for Dr. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s dialogue. I can almost hear her smoky, scorned, Sean-Young-going-on-TV-dressed-as-Catwoman-to-lobby-for-the-role-in-“Batman Returns” voice.

  2. dan

    Kirsten! Step up and claim your prize!

  3. Nick

    Kirsten jinxed it.

  4. robcat

    Of course I love it, but I think I see what bothered me about about Dr. Casual Racism- the same thing as Dr. Crazy Ex. I guess I was seeing Awesome Hospital as almost a Top Gun sort of place- you get to choose who you are. Even Dr. New Country and Dr. Prop Comic and Dr. Fanfic don’t see these as negatives, but positives- things they enjoy about themselves. I can’t see Dr. Crazy Ex enjoying that label (or DOES she???). Even Dr. Casual Racism might be more inclined to be Dr. Glad I’m White Straight American Male.

    On the other hand, maybe all these names are how everyone at AH sees the world- which is what makes them so awesome, because no one else does.

    And by the way, is Dr. Crazy Ex the only one who really knows what Dr. Dirtbike looks like under the helmet? I bet he’s secretly Dr. Doom, who has reformed and gone on to trade his life of evil for one of doing good- and has a much more awesome mask.

    Which inspires a new thought- if there is AH and Weakass Hospital, what about Despicable Hospital (right next to Hotel California)?

  5. Hydrogen Guy

    Why would you even date someone whose last name is “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”? That is asking for trouble.

  6. Chris Sims

    Dr. Dirtbike lives dangerously.

  7. 12th

    Subtle work with the framed photos in panel 2.

  8. Jago

    @Robcat: He NEVER takes off the helmet. Never.

  9. Discount Lad

    What does the cup say in the first panel?

  10. Gimbal

    Please don’t let her have laser implants in her hair, and exploding earrings that play “Kumbaya”.

  11. Anna

    Is she supposed to look like Dr. Cuddy from House?

  12. theo

    Any plan to do a crossover with Drmcninja? I’m sure that Doc Mcninja could sympathize with Dr. Dirtbike’s problem.

  13. NBarnes

    Why would you even date someone whose last name is “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”? That is asking for trouble.

    A) Dr. Dirtbike is not known for making wise choices with respect to his personal life.
    B) The sex was fantastic.

  14. Jimmy Jazz

    I must say, everyone but “Dr.Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is weakass.

    Dr.Crazy Ex is just creepy.

  15. Darth Paul

    I think she looks more like Lilith from Cheers, Fraiser’s ex. Either way it truly is awesome! LOL!

  16. Kirsten

    @robcat I get that. I guess it would make sense that at WeakAss hospital you wouldn’t get to choose–you just get stuck with something.

    Hey guys, so I am secretly in love with Dr. Crazy Ex Girlfriend–(She’s a Psy D, right? Bwah hah ahaha! That’d be funny). There is NO WAY that she is weak ass! She is going to kick some Dr. Dirtbike ass, it looks like! I love that his photo is still on her desk.

  17. Jenny Creed

    Chosen names? I assumed everyone goes by their legal names. And this is simply a world where things like Space Baby can be a family name. Cause that’d be awesome.

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