Malignant, Page 24

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  1. Kevin Church

    Well played.

  2. kuratowa

    No meta-commentary to see here, folks. Move along.

  3. Jon Hex

    Interesting blend of Silver Age craziness and Straczynski pretentiousness.

  4. ticknart

    Thank GOD Dr. Superhero went for a walk. Him practicing super-medicine is always so BORING. :)

  5. Tim Bishop

    This is why I give you guys money.

  6. twilightcorps

    Sheesh. Doctor Crazy Ex Girlfriend needs a consultation with Doctor Boot To the Head.

  7. Leroy Hart

    *Slow claps*

  8. monkeyknifefight

    But what does Dr. CExG have to gain from the outbreak of Weisinger’s disease??? Tune in next week to find out!

    (Same awesome time, same awesome channel)

  9. robcat

    I vote YES for Dr. Boot2TheHead!

    Although I think it is time to bring in Dr. EX’s ex. What’s his name? Frasier Crane?

  10. adam ford

    You telegraphed it, but it landed solid. Nice one boys.

  11. Earlofthercs


  12. Phill

    Those Weak Ass. doctors are so weakass.

  13. Brian

    Damn, it, Cuddy!

  14. Nora Rocket

    Where is your tip jar? How can I throw money at you, five-dollar-Friday style? I owe.

  15. Josh Wright

    Am I the only person in the world who likes “Grounded”?

  16. Chris Sims


  17. Chad Bowers

    Double yes.

  18. Victor Von Boom


  19. Tim Bishop

    @Nora Rocket: has a “donate” button on the home page. You will feel all good inside afterwards. (And sometimes, Sims will praise you in a public forum.)

  20. Nora Rocket

    Thanks, Tim! I figured they must have their grubby paws out for my moolah somewhere around here…

  21. Hollando

    Thought I was fairly up on the comic scene, both past and present, but the comments are making me feel like I missed something significant.

  22. monkeyknifefight

    Hollando: the gag in this strip refers to the “Superman: Grounded” story arc. Here:

  23. mime consumer

    How will Dr. Dirtbike save the day? Can our heroes stop Weakler and Associates? What is Dr. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend up to? Where the hell has Santa been for all this?
    All this and more next time on DRAGONBALL Z

  24. Filthy McMonkey

    If Dr. Superhero is just walking, Dr. Dirtbike should be able to catch up to him in no time!