Malignant, Page 25

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  1. legion

    Oh, it’s about to be on.

  2. Deamon Fire

    Just waitin for the explosion.

  3. billso

    Oh, snap!

  4. Trollero

    My heart. It is broken, for some reason.

  5. Wes

    Dr. Dirtbike’s girlfriend should have known something was up when he came home, with lipstick smudges all over his helmet.

  6. robcat

    The Awesomeness is getting bitchslapped! There better be paybacks! STAT!

  7. Filthy McMonkey

    Lipstick smudges on his helmet? Wow…that’s dirty, even for the internets!

  8. foducool

    commencing subroutine “eliminate ex-girlfriend”

  9. foducool

    err, starting, damn my french >_<

  10. WHAT




  11. WHAT

    I’m just going by the outfit, BTW. Seems familiar.

  12. elie

    bruce lee should just kick some ass right about now man

    by the way this is like the comic guitar wolf never invented its got love in space, bruce lee, motorbikes, a shit load of rock n roll.