Dr. Bigfoot for the CBLDF

Today, we take a break from our ongoing storyline to hip our readers to a project going on at ComicsAlliance to benefit the CBLDF.  Since it’s the undeniably spooooooky month of October, artists have been invited to draw monsters and donate them to an auction, with the proceeds going to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

If you’re not familiar with the organization, the CBLDF is one of Awesome Hospital’s favorite charities, and is devoted to fighting censorship and helping creators and retailers who have been hurt by people who get a bigger thrill out of banning books than reading them.  Other artists who have contributed include our friend Chris Haley of Let’s Be Friends Again, and Mysterius the Unfathomable artist Tom Fowler, so head over to CA and check it out!  And if you’re an artist who hasn’t donated and you’d like to, there’s still time.  More information can be found at the link.

Above, we’ve got Dr. Bigfoot (or possibly Dr. Abominable Snowman) consulting on a patient with Santa Claus MD by our own Matt Digges, so Happy (early) Halloween, everybody!

Discussion (7) ¬

  1. Matt Maybray

    It’d be funny if his specialty were orthopedics.

  2. monkeyknifefight

    No, he’s obviously a podiatrist. It’s bigfoot, for god’s sake.

  3. Hydrogen Guy

    Is it just me, or is the patient a Dracula?

  4. Michael Llakor Ryan

    In Canada we call him Dr. Sasquatch, despite the fact that he keeps asking us to call him “Harry”

  5. Dean

    For some reason, I got the idea that Dr. Bigfoot is handing the patient a bill, and Dr. Santa Claus is waiting to be paid. Not that the guy would have his wallet on him, of course…

  6. Matt Maybray

    @monkeyknifefight: D’oh! I knew I’d mix that up!

  7. Alex

    The first thing that crossed my mind was dude needed to have a testicular examination, and was given the choice of Dr. Bigfoot’s hairy claw paws or Dr. Santa’s gently cupped hand. Thus the sweat bead of terror.