Malignant, Page 27

And with this, we have invented a new genere:   Melodramawesome.

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  1. Wolter

    Melodramawesome better be in the OED by 2015.

  2. Billy

    I predict a new future: Mike Dirtbike – Alcoholic.

  3. Josh Krach

    Instead of a pink slip, you find a lump of coal in your inbox.

  4. monkeyknifefight

    That bitch just stole Christmas.

  5. Undrave

    Wait…what ju…why…whe…how…what?What? WHAT!?

  6. McCormick

    I don’t know … this doesn’t seem convincing coming from Dr. Claus. You would expect him off all people to be too awesome to fall into the old “overreaction based on nothing” cliche.

  7. Wolter

    I have faith that Dr. Claus has an ulterior motive in this firing.

  8. cswalley

    now the intern, dr. fourwheeler, can finally get the appreciation he deserves.

  9. Haerandir

    I don’t think my system is ready for so much melodramawesome. I may need some Melodramamine.

  10. d_felix

    I have to believe that Dr. Dirtbike was fired in order to drive away Dr. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend away. Dr. Claus can’t be shortsighted enough to fire Dr. Dirtbike for any other reason.

    I have to say that typing those awesome names just now has been the highlight of my day.

  11. Mea

    Say it ain’t so Santa, say it ain’t so! (seriously though: I suspect much more to this firing than meets the eye. Maybe the only way to get Dr CEG to leave was to remove Dr. Dirtbike from the equation. If Dr. Dirtbike was in on it, it would explain the lip-lock with CEG)

    Sidenote: “Melodramamine” is my new favorite word. :)

  12. billso

    @Wolter, I hope you are right. Is this like firing Ronny Cox in Robocop?

  13. Chad Bowers

    “Dick Jones!”

  14. Hollando

    Chad, making me laugh.
    Such a great scene.
    (crashes through glass) “Dick Jones!”