Malignant, Page 28

Hey, Awesome Hospitalers and Action Agents!  If you’re in New York City, then come to the New York Comic Con and meet 25% of the Awesome Hospital creative team!  Our own Chris Sims will be attending NYCC, covering the show for ComicsAlliance and appearing on at the “ComicsAlliance Live!” panel in Room 1A24 on Saturday at 5 PM! And if you meet Chris and you’re an AH reader, let him know!

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  1. Karl Habegger

    What about his surgical mask / helmet?!

  2. Saigon333

    I will have you know that when I read that last panel I screamed “NOOOO!”. I am at work. So yes, congratulations for your great melodramawesome story telling. It got a visceral reaction out of me.

  3. Deamon Fire

    Next strip: 5 panels of Dr. Dirtbike falling over because he’s forgotten how to walk.

  4. Matt Maybray

    I bet he turns into Dr. Moped.

  5. Tyler

    You see this cat Santa is a bad mother—Shut your mouth!
    But I’m talkin’ about Santa.
    Then we can dig it.

  6. Jimmy Jazz

    @Matt Maybray

    No, just… just…. *sob*

    Mr.Moped…. not even that… Moped man.


  7. drfreex

    Traumaha. Heh.

    I think I perceive Kringle’s overall strategy, but the dude’s playing for high stakes. I await next Tuesday impatiently, you sadistic bastards.

  8. McCormick

    Okay, yes, Dr. Claus does have “secret strategy” written all over him.

  9. 12th

    You don’t fly around the world delivering presents in one night and not know how to make a awesome master plan. Mike’s just too distracted to see it. Or… Mike’s an awesome actor on top of all the rest.

  10. cswalley

    dont worry, santa didn’t go blind, the frame just cuts to him as he’s blinking

  11. Dr. FourWheeler

    Yes! now i will finally be recognised! that guy was just… a butthead! yeah! that’ll show him!

  12. Jenny Creed

    Coming next week: Dr Dirtbike, Freelance Surgeon.

    By the way am I the only one wondering what the hospital’s security detail is?

  13. Cmdr Foo

    Jenny Creed: why, an army of ninja orderlies! If things get too rough, there’s an elven fortress not too far away.

  14. zero

    Wait can we even call him Dr. Dirtbike now? Dr. Walking Guy or Dr. Public Transportation just don’t have that same awesome ring to them.

  15. Michael Wearden

    Dr. Dejected Slow Walk Away From The Camera

  16. zero

    Dr. Dejected Slow Walk Away From The Camera would have to have “Lonely Man” playing as he walked off.
    For those of you who don’t know, “Lonely Man” is the end theme from the Incredible Hulk tv series that starred lou ferrigno and Bill Bixby

  17. Mathew Digges


    That music at the end of every episode used to destroy me as a kid.

  18. billso

    On the bright side, Dr. Dirtbike can catch up on his awesome medical journals. They’ve been piling up in his RV. But I suppose Kringle will make Dirtbike move the RV out of the parking lot, too.

  19. Kyran "Kyronic" Sawhill

    ( Nooooooooo! )> ლ(`o´ლ)