Malignant, Page 30

That sound–?!

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  1. Michael Wearden

    Okay, I am straight up BAFFLED by that nurse with the bottle of windex. Thats gonna gnaw at me all day.

  2. monkeyknifefight

    Seriously…you guys have the best foreground/background dynamic ever.

  3. Hooray for Gooba!


    It looks like one of the patients is trapped in a mirror and the nurse is making sure the patient is appropriate clean and polished. It’s likely a vital step in the curative process.

  4. Jon Hex

    Is that a box of sugar or a sugar cube prop?

  5. Chad Bowers

    @ monkeyknifefight

    Man, check out panels one and three, there. That’s totally foreground/midground/background dynamicism. We decided long ago that rules — like the one about having only one thing happen per panel — were meant to be completely ignored and mocked whenever possible.

  6. Brian


    Weakass confirmed.

  7. billso

    Giant ant, giant sugar cube.

  8. robcat

    Chad, another reason why AH is what it is. Who says you can only have 1 or 2 things happen per panel? (Does that actually make it harder for the writer?) Doesn’t it also give the audience, the paying customer (well, if I was paying for this) MORE story per issue? And, if the audience DOESN’T get one of the background items, they still get their money’s worth of up front story, and all the time spend thinking about the story and things they miss only adds to the EPP (enjoyment per panel) which is sadly lacking in some comics which shall remain nameless…

  9. Chris Sims

    Oh it’s easy on the writer. Marvelous Matt, on the other hand, cannot wait for us to actually learn to script.

  10. monkeyknifefight

    @ Chad: oh yeah, I saw it. And the irony of panel 1–Santa Claus *confiscating* someone’s favorite item rather than giving it to them–is pretty heartbreaking.

  11. Josh Krach

    The woman with the Twilight shirt and the bottle of Windex is Dr. Fanfic. She digs Dr. Luchador, Dr. Dirtbike, and TV’s Nathan Fillion.