Malignant, Page 31

Hey, Awesome Hospital fans!  If you happen to be in or near the Myrtle Beach area this weekend (or if you feel like going on a vacation in the picturesque mini-golf capital of the world), then hold on to your scrubs:  Chris Sims and Chad Bowers will be appearing at this weekend’s XCON!  We’ll have a table and, among other things, we’ll have print copies of Diagnosis, the first 28-page Awesome Hospital story arc that includes never-before-seen concept designs, as well as original sketch cards by our own “Marvelous” Matt Digges!

Come by and say hello — and meet other great creators like Jonathan Hickman and Tim Seeley — and we guarantee you at least one jumping high five for free!

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  1. drfreex

    Appropriately enough, this may be the most awesome sound effect ever.

  2. monkeyknifefight

    If Drs. Bebop and Rocksteady step out of that thing, I’m gonna shit myself with delight.

  3. Bob Bruhin


  4. Dean

    If that rocket contains the last survivor of a doomed planet, then it should probably have landed in the Awesome Neo-Natal unit.

  5. robcat

    I hope Dr. Deus Ex Machina steps outta that thing and kills Dr. Crazy Ex Girlfriend. They must be family, right?

  6. cswalley

    dr. guitar solo, you need to have your eyes open to look at stuff! gosh, this is worse than when he forgot how to breathe.

  7. Undrave

    Mike decided to change his name to Doctor Rocketrider :p

  8. Billso

    I sense an origin story a-coming.

  9. zero

    Nah its just General Surgeon and his medicinal weaponry.

  10. Ryan

    @Zero: Vaccinations via tank-shell-syringe? YES 😀

    Clearly, the best explosion, by sound.

  11. zero

    For an outbreak that severe a WMV is required. (Weapon of Mass Vaccination). It takes two keys and Dr. Claus’s 20 digit authorization code but it gets the job done.

  12. monkeyknifefight

    EEEEEAWESOBOOOM is so much fun to say out loud.

  13. jonny the homicidal drummer

    I was a little behind
    quite an epic story you guys have built

    I wish Dr spacebaby had died though

  14. Mea

    Is it just me or does that rocket look an awful lot like this one:

  15. billso

    Mea, my thoughts exactly.