Malignant, Page 32

Here at Awesome Hospital, our second story arc is nearing its thunderous conclusion, but those of you who have been following the Action Age for a while know that it’s not our only comic, and we’ve got a special announcement!

This week, just in time for Halloween, AH‘s own Chad Bowers is relaunching his greatest creation:  Monster Plus: The strange story of a Frankenstein Monster bitten by a werewolf, a vampire and a zombie, then mummified and shot into space only to be possessed by the ghost of a witch and return to battle the Devil in the year 2666!  You may have seen the original stories (still available to read on, but all-new adventures from Chad and artist Jojo Seames kick off this week, with new pages coming every Wednesday!

So grab your wooden stakes, silver bullets, torches and pitchforks, then chuck ’em out the window and get ready for the only monster comic wild enough to exist in the Action Age, this week at!

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  1. Mea

    Whoo! I was right! 😀

  2. doron

    Are they just looking up Dr. Superheroine skirt in panel 2?

  3. Matt Maybray

    … I am in love with Dr. Superheroine.

  4. Some_Guy

    “Gweat Guns”? Gweat something

    @Matt M: No way, “she’s totally got this covered”.

  5. 12th

    OMFG I should have seen this coming, but it was AWESOME that you guys went there.

  6. billso

    +1 Mea, you called it!

  7. Mea

    Thanks Billso. :)

    Heck, they even had Dr Spacebaby quoting it. Awesome. :)

  8. ShadowWing Tronix

    “… I am in love with Dr. Superheroine.”

    Me, too. However, I long decided not to date cartoon character for various and often obvious reasons, so she’s all yours. :)

  9. Darth Paul

    Of course there’s a Dr. Superheroine, why wouldn’t there be.

  10. Matt Maybray

    I hope that doesn’t mean there’s a Legion of Dr. Super-Pets.

  11. Scott

    I hope it does mean there’s a Legion of Dr. Super-Pets!

  12. Matt Maybray

    Yes, but then Dr. Superhorse will try to date Dr. Superheroine, and that would be weird.

  13. Jeremy Henderson

    In the first panel, Dr. Spacebaby says “GWAYT GUNS!” but in the alt-text it is written as “Gweat Guns.”

    Man, remember when comics had editors that would catch these mistakes!?!?!

  14. Chris Sims


  15. Jon Hex

    No one has brought up the fact that Dr. Guitar Solo speaks Cavemanese.

  16. Chris Sims

    That’s because we established it wayyyy back in #1!