Malignant, Page 33

There it is, folks:  The shocking twist ending of our second story arc!  Your favorite doctors will be back soon — or will they? — in the pages of our next Earth-shattering arc, Awesome Hospital Forever, but ’til then, we’ve got a few special surprises coming up for you!

So stay tuned, and don’t forget to check out Monster Plus every Wednesday, too!

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  1. Michael Llakor Ryan

    Dr. Celebrity Guest Star must use a scalpel the size of a broadsword!

  2. Matt Maybray

    So, Jay Leno must be weakass? That makes sense.

  3. Jeremy Henderson

    And it’s now only Dr. Celebrity Guest Star, but Bearded Dr. Celebrity Guest Star, the most awesome of all incarnations of DCGS.

  4. billso

    Awesome superheroes don’t look back at flashbacks, montages or explosions.

  5. billso

    Square pills from square bottle? Am BAD IDEA. Bizarro medicine FAIL. :(

  6. Frank

    Who’s that bearded doctor?

  7. Chris Sims

    That would be Dr. Celebrity Guest Star, last seen here.

  8. Matt Maybray

    You know, I just realized that I would LOVE to see an entire story told from the point of view of Nurse Fan Fiction.

  9. Frank

    Which celebrity is he referencing?

  10. Bok

    I love the concept of Dr. Celebrity Guest Star.
    Also, completely forgot about Dr. Luchador!

  11. Matt Maybray

    @Frank- I’m pretty sure that’s Conan O’Brien, aka Coco.

  12. Frank

    It’s hard to get references from US television celebrities. Music and Cinema stars are easier to recognize.

  13. Sam

    I feel you should know: the current season of “Hannah Montana” is called “Hannah Montana Forever”.

    I hate that I know that.

  14. zero

    I feel like they should be walking away from an explosion for some reason.

  15. Josh Krach

    @Sam: I would bet you cash money that Chris is well aware of Hannah Montana’s current status.

  16. mime consumer

    I’m not sure Dr. Celebrity Guest Star is quite tall enough to be Dr. Conan O’Brien. He needs to be at least 8 feet tall

  17. Meenu

    O.o Conan O’Brien…just when I thought this couldnt get any better

  18. Kyran "Kyronic" Sawhill

    Conan O’Brien being in this just made this page even more awesome. Does Bruce Lee count as a Dr. Celebrity Guest Star or is he a permanent member of the cast? He seems to have shown up a lot more than any other Celebrity Guest Stars.

  19. Miss Danse

    Is Dr. Celebrity Guest Star Donald Blake? My eyes may be deceiving me, but I could swear he’s holding Mjölnir.