Awesome Hospital Nights, Page 2

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  1. wraithstrike

    Bulldog on a Skateboard? Awesome.
    Doctor Bulldog on a Skateboard? Doubly Awesome.
    Hard-boiled Detective Doctor Bulldog on a Skateboard? EPIC.

  2. hollando

    It’s Rose Tattoo!!!

  3. Matt Maybray

    Woo! Philadelphia! Also, Red Snapper? Very tasty (obligatory UHF reference).

  4. Hydrogen Guy

    Of course Dr. B has a doggie door in his office. Of course he does.

  5. Bob Bruhin

    FDR Skatepark is in Philadelphia. Burnside is in Portland.

  6. monkeyknifefight

    The new artist’s work would be great for some comics out there. For a comic about awesomeness, however, I think these illustrations are too humble.

  7. Dean

    It’s difficult to be suave while lapping water from a bowl, but Dr. Bulldog on a Skateboard manages to pull it off.

  8. Chris Sims

    FDR Skatepark is in Philadelphia. Burnside is in Portland.

    What?! Man, I wonder what ELSE the Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise lied to me about…

  9. Mathew Digges

    I really dig the contemplative nature of Paul’s skateboarding in panel 1. Hey, are those ankle cameos by Sven and Caveman?

  10. Matt Maybray

    Portland is simply a cheap imitation of Philadelphia, so I’m ceding the moral victory to Chris on this one.

  11. LaughingTarget

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater – Our generation’s greatest deception.

  12. robcat

    But that was only 14.877142 in human years.

    Who lives in Portland? Yeah, baby!

    Butt: 10
    Back: 7 (and I’m being kind)
    Legs: May I suggest a Lady Schick?

    But overall- I need more!

  13. zero

    For Dr. B to be a real hard boiled detective he’s gonna need a trench coat a fedora hat and a cigar. However when he dons all that clothing his awesome level will cause him to reach a level of awesomeness that transcends the gods themselves and elevate him to the state known as,
    (thunder for effect)

  14. Matt Maybray

    Actually, I just want to see Paul play poker.

  15. LaughingTarget

    Just realized something – when did Jessica Rabbit get a haircut and a tat?

  16. Sheli

    I actually drew this “a trench coat a fedora hat and a cigar” a couple of times. As fun as it was, in the end I discovered that Paul always looks best in one suit. His birthday suit.

  17. WildCard

    Red Snapper — very tasty!!