Awesome Love by JoJo Seames

Tis the season, folks, and the presents are already rolling in.  Why, just this weekend, we unwrapped this little tribute to Man/Robot love by Action Age family member JoJo Seames.

Of course, you all recognize JoJo as the artist supreme on Awesome Hospital co-maven Chad’s other webcomic Monster Plus.  But what you might not know, is that JoJo doesn’t just draw, she writes too, splitting time between all things monster and two of her own solo comics Dis and The Makeshift Man.  Check ’em out…

Then be sure to get back here this Thursday, when our very own Matt Digges takes things by the reins to deliver what we’re gonna go ahead and promise will be the best thing you ever get from anybody. 

So watch out!  Don’t pout!  It’s an Awesome Hospital Christmas!

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  1. Tesla

    Woah! That is one amazing piece of art. I assume it is hand painted and not digital art?

  2. JoJo Seames

    Thank you, Tesla!

    Yes, you assume rightly. This piece is 100% watercolor, on 140lb cold-pressed watercolor paper. It’s my very favorite medium to work in. :)

  3. Fletcher

    As the image was loading, I could only see the very very top of Doc Dirtbike’s helmet, and assumed this was a picture of Luigi. Does anyone else see this?

    Silliness aside this is wonderful art – it’s got a great, trashy, almost Frazetta-esque vibe.

  4. monkeyknifefight

    Luigi who?

    Just kidding. I saw it too.