Night of the Secret Santas, Page 1

Welcome to an all-new storyline, folks!  Perfect for new readers and old!

This is our first-ever Awesome Hospital Christmas Special, and not only does it mark the return of Marvelous Matt Digges to the art, but he’s also putting Chris and Chad out of a job by scripting the darn thing too!  And during the holidays, too.  What a Scrooge!

Seriously, though, we hope you’re ready for Christmas done Awesome Hospital style, because we think this is great.  And just as an editor’s note, the events above take place before the finale of Malignant.

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  1. Tim

    Hmm, Pretty sure I’ve seen him before. *winks*

  2. phillyradiogeek

    It’s only natural we get a Christmas story about a hospital run by Santa Claus. I’m looking forward to this. Thanks!

  3. Brian

    He’s the only man on earth that can pull off a candy-cane-striped cell phone.

  4. billso

    Stewart James?!

  5. 12th

    I don’t think that’s a candy-cane-striped cell phone. It’s a cell phone-candy cane.

    Oh lord, here we go. “Its An Awesome Life”

  6. robcat

    Ooooh, Billso (and 12th). NOW I get it! I was afraid it was Dr. Dirtbike sans helmet! It IS an awesome life!

  7. Matt Maybray

    I’m expecting a ghost made of gravy.

  8. monkeyknifefight

    Is that EMT Tom Morello????

    Or is it just a RHCP fan?

    And come on now, Robcat. Dr. Dirtbike has brown eyes.

  9. Kirsten Ogden

    So excited!!!! Yay!

  10. Dean

    Every time a dirtbike jumps over a dozen burning monster trucks, an angel gets its’ wings.

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