Night of the Secret Santas, The Finale

So ends our first-ever Awesome Hospital Christmas Special, story and art by Matt Digges!

From all of us here at Awesome Hospital, we’d like to wish our readers the happiest of holidays and the merriest of Christmases.  Your readership and support is the best gift we could get.

We’re taking the holidays off to spend some time with friends and family, but we’ll be back in January to continue the story of Mike, Judith, Arthur, Sven, Cindy, Kris and all the rest in the story we have to call… AWESOME HOSPITAL FOREVER!

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  1. Kevin Church


  2. Nora Rocket

    Bless you boys.

    (and is…is Mrs. Claus supposed to recall Helen Mirren? Please say yes.)

  3. Wraithstrike

    This page is glorious in its Kirbyness. Merry Christmas, Awesome Hospital Crew.

  4. Tim C

    Awesome. Took me completely by surprise. Nice use of Dickens and I love panels 4-6. Merry Christmas to all!

  5. Hollandof

    This file is classified clearance level AWESOME.
    If you do not possess AWESOME clearance, please report to Awesome Hospital for immediate treatment / upgrade.

    Really marvelous everyone! So well done. I’d love to see it as a full-length story arc. (i.e. 32 or 64 pp.)

    Question about what Dr. Spacebaby says in panel 3.

    Based on their appearances, isn’t the middle ghost the future/techno Ghost of Christmas Past, the rear ghost the future/techno ghost of Christmas Future and the one who speaks and saves the day the future/techno Ghost of Christmas Present?

  6. Chris Sims

    Hollandof: If he’s the Ghost of Christmas Future and that “future” refers to the future Dr. Space Baby comes from…

  7. Tim C

    I should also have added: the lettering is always good and, honestly, innovative, but Josh, it is drop-dead gorgeous here. I liked the Back to the Future font but I LOVED the whole schema for the Techno-Ghost of Christmas Future!

  8. billso

    It’s NEVER too late. :)

  9. Kirsten Ogden


    This story is so awesome and sniffly.

  10. Undrave

    Why is the middle initial always a ‘J’?

  11. Chris Sims

    Couldn’t tell you.

    Christopher J. Sims

  12. Hollandof

    I guess that would make him the Ghost of Christmas… *double* future?
    I’m not sure I’m following you, apologies.

    I meant that, in the book “A Christmas Carol,” the ghost of Xmas
    Past has a flame on its head, as your ghost in the middle appears to; and the ghost of Xmas Future is hooded with obscured face, doesn’t speak, looks kind of like death, etc, = your rearmost ghost, leaving the remaining ghost as Xmas Present.

    unless you mean they are *all* (as they must be for the story’s denizens) ghosts of Xmas Future…?
    But Spacebaby says “ghost”, hence my confusion as to which he was referring.

    May I stress, a minor confusion on my part, obliterated by the sheer awesomeness!

  13. Chris Sims

    He’s the Ghost of Christmas Present, from the Future, just as Dr. Space Baby is from the future. He is the Ghost of Dr. Space Baby’s Christmas Present And Everyone Else’s Christmas Future, but we don’t have that much room in the panels.

  14. cswalley

    the fact Dr. Space Baby says “the dickens remedy! one christmas case to cancel out another!” and him looking at the reader kinda breaks the fourth wall, doesn’t it?

  15. Mathew Digges

    Nora: Yes. My likenesses are terrible, but she definitely was an inspiration.

    Tim C: I hope it exceeded your expectations.

    Hollandof: Sims has the correct interpretation. They are all ghosts from the future; Ghost of Future-Past, Ghost of Future-Present and Ghost of Future-Future. Plus, Arthur’s very disoriented from his trip to the end of time, probably needs a Pedialyte or something.

    cswalley: See response to Hollandof.

    Thanks to everyone who took time to leave a few kind words. I hope it brightened the holiday season for you. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.

    Never too late!

  16. pvandeneng

    this strip is on my list of things i’m thanking 2010 for bringing to me. thank YOU ALL… you make my tuesdays and thursdays worth staggering out of bed for. :)

  17. Filtiarn

    Man, the Techno-Ghost of Christmas Double-Future is pretty crazy lookin’. All HAL meets the Grim Reaper.
    So awesome! Happy Holidays, guys.

  18. Jon Hex

    The time travel sound effect is what is sticking with me right now. That, and the entire story, was hilarious and of course, awesome.

  19. Darth Paul

    By the Dickens! It worked! Most Awesomely!

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