Nurse Punk Rock by Jen Vaughn

While we’re counting down to Awesome Hospital’s epic return, here’s a little something special from one of our favorite artists, Jen Vaughn of Mermaid Hostel.

Jen’s done extreme justice to probably the coolest AH staffer (or former staffer, rather!) we know, Nurse Punk Rock.  And it’s a fitting selection, seeing as how AH: Forever promises to be HUGE for NPR. We can’t say anymore,  but trust us folks, big things happen.  Big.  Things.  Happen.  And at the end of the arc, nothing will ever be the… okay, no.  We’re not going to do that.

Only four days left to go.  Be here next Tuesday.

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  1. robcat

    Awesomeness! Do I see the hint of a Billy Idol lip?

  2. Jnyama

    Sadly, Code Brown isn’t even a made-up thing.

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