Weakass Hospital by Tracie Mauk

Awesome Hospital is on its way back with our next arc, but in the mean time, we’ve got an amazing pin-up from artist Tracie Mauk, featuring Team Awesome’s opposite numbers from Weakass Hospital.  In case you haven’t read Malignant (and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?), you’re looking at Tracie’s versions of Dr. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Dr. Casual Racism, Dr. Prop Comic, Dr. Fratboy and of course, Nurse Emo.

For more of Tracie’s amazing art, check out her work on FIGHT!, a comic written by “friend” of the Action Age Kevin Church!

And if you can’t get enough from the crew of Awesome Hospital, check out an interview with our own Chad Bowers, cowriter of Awesome Hospital and all-by-his-lonesome writer of Monster Plus!

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  1. Matt Maybray

    Dr. Casual Rascism looks like Lois’ dad on “Family Guy”.

  2. monkeyknifefight

    I don’t want anyone reading too much into this, but Dr. Casual Racism is my favorite WeakAss doctor.

  3. Ilion

    I hate to admit it, but I kinda liked Nurse Emo.

  4. Kyronic

    Dr. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend looks very evil in this. I think this picture captures their personalities perfectly. I’m gonna check out Tracie Mauk’s other works of art!

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