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  1. kolya

    ‘Why are you climbing this mountain?’
    ‘Because it’s rad.’

  2. Robin K.


  3. Phil

    Star Trek 5 homage. Awesome!

  4. phillyradiogeek

    I can’t tell you how much I’ve been waiting for this story. Thanks!

  5. Matt Maybray

    … Words fail me.

  6. Tony

    Oh my dear god.


  7. Error1

    I have to imagine he is climbing up the mountain so he can ride off of it and do a sweet jump, but I’m wondering how he gets his bike up there

  8. Dean

    I’d assumed it was a Mission: Impossible 2 homage…

  9. Another Chris

    I doubt we’re in for a straight up re imagining of Star Trek V, but I wonder who would get the honor of saying “What does God need with a hospital?”

  10. billso

    At least Dr. Dirtbike has been keeping busy since his unfortunate dismissal from AH.

  11. Filtiarn

    Ah, the awesomeness. It is so awesome.

  12. Filtiarn

    Oh, and Dean, it’s Star Trek V because of Space Baby flying at him in the far right of panel 3. Rocket boots.

  13. Yusaku777

    I hope he’s carrying his dirtbike by the handlebars with his feet.

  14. shoeboxjeddy

    Dr. Dirtbike => awesome
    MI:2 => Not that awesome
    Dr. Dirtbike doing an MI:2 homage => ???

  15. Oz

    maybe the dirtbike gets dropped in by helicopter, THEN he rides it off the cliff?

  16. robcat

    It’s gotta be a Shat homage and not a Cruise homage because he is huffing…

  17. Frankie D.

    “Dr. Dirtbike is climbing a mountain. Why is he climbing a mountain?”

    “To hug the mountain, to make love to that mountain”

  18. Darth Paul

    Looks like Star Trek V to me. Awesome.

  19. Darth Paul

    Looks like Star Trek V to me. Awesome!

  20. Glitchy

    Oh great, now I’ve got that song stuck in my head. Thanks guys. 😛 😉

    On the plus side, YAY, more AH!

  21. Cragnous

    I may hate Star Trek 5 but i love this reference still!

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