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It’s a big week for us here at Awesome Hospital!  Not only have we introduced our latest Instant Classic character in the comic above, but one half of our writing team has a story out in comic book stores right now!

That’s right:  Chris Sims has the lead story in Skullkickers #6, alongside greats like Adam Warren, Brian Clevinger and Ray Fawkes!  Pick it up, and if you’re in or around Columbia, South Carolina (or plan on making the trip), Chris is going to be signing at Heroes & Dragons from noon to 4 PM on Saturday!  Call 803-731-4376 for details!

And if you’re looking for something to wear to the signing, might we suggest a brand new Awesome Hospital t-shirt?  Anyone rocking a piece of AH gear is guaranteed a free high five!

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  1. wraithstrike

    *explodes from the awesomeness*

    *is promptly reassembled by the awesometrons to contain more awesome*

  2. robcat

    Golly! Early IS the best!

  3. Glitchy

    I guess that answers the “who’s the girl in the pic” question quite nicely. :)

  4. Matt Maybray

    She looks not unlike the female Doctor Who from the short film “The Curse of Deadly Death”.

  5. Matt Maybray

    Also, I just noticed the flux capacitor on the front of the ambulance.

  6. JoJo Seames

    Whattatwist! 😀

  7. monkeyknifefight

    Oh my God…flux capacitor. You guys really are the Champions of Awesome.

  8. avatarjk137

    Dr. Time Machine – good for avoiding injuries that are instantly fatal, among other things.

  9. Chad Bowers

    @ Matt Maybray

    If you’re referring to Joanna Lumley’s appearance in “The Curse of the Fatal Death”, I can assure you that any similarities are purely coincidental.

  10. Steph

    Thank you. All my wishes and dreams have now been granted in that first panel.

  11. doron

    I hope there is enough room on Mt. Shatner to get up to 88mph…

  12. 12th

    Flux Capacitor is really the best part of it.

    @doron: Where they’re going, they don’t need roads. Or maybe she’s got an oscillation overthruster to compensate. Who knows?

  13. billso

    ZOMG! Instant backstory! I love it. Or I loved it. Did this already happen before or is it about to happen?

  14. Undrave

    Would be more awesome if it was TWO Flux Capacitor one on top of the other (one downward the other upward) to form the paramedic logo!

  15. Wes

    We can only hope that she replace Space Baby.

  16. Evan Waters

    I like her already.

  17. Darth Paul

    Anyone notice the other “BTTF Time Machine” elements on the ambulance, like the tubes running along the rear wheel and the vent stuck to the side? Pure win. 8-D

  18. Trevor Voltron

    As long as the doors are gull wing, I’m sold.

  19. JaceBade

    He’s got trouble with women from his past showing up unexpectedly, doesn’t he.

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