Awesome Hospital Forever, Page 22

Doctors Dirtbike, Guitar Solo and Space Baby are upset because their treatments do not seem to be working in the past, despite their experience and advanced techniques.  Santa Claus is upset because his hospital is failing rather than succeeding, as he hoped.  Dr. Genius is drinking because he doesn’t know a better way to deal with his problems.  In other words, things continue to get worse as our heroes journey through the past!

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Discussion (5) ¬

  1. Dave Lartigue

    Hang on. They are sitting at a table now, and they weren’t on Tuesday. I simply can’t be expected to follow this kind of ADD storytelling.

  2. Matt Maybray

    And where’s Dr. Time Machine’s head mirror? She was wearing it on the last page; are we to assume she took it off between scenes? Really! :)

  3. Ziah Grace

    Nice Big Ups Chris. The best thing about you, comicsalliance and the Ajax crew is the way you guys just come back around with a burn after some haters.

  4. Pat

    Props on getting Chad to write your annotations

  5. Darth Paul

    It’s still not self-explanatory enough! I’m confused! LOL!