Awesome Hospital Forever, Page 30

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  1. Koltreg

    Gasp! Med-Knights?

  2. deebeemonster

    ha ha ha ha holy shit that is awesome

  3. Luke

    Patients aren’t allowed to die because it’s considered “littering.”

  4. Koosbing

    Uniforms look Judge Dredd inspired.

  5. billso

    One-panel strips are one way to catch up on the storyline after AH has been late so many times in 2011… being late is kinda ironic for an arc that involves time travel.

  6. billso

    So are those laser screwdrivers that the Doctors are holding?

  7. Matt Maybray

    Scalpels, more likely.

  8. monkeynifefight

    Dreddful indeed. This arc is awesome.

  9. Mark Clapham

    Love the Dreddfont on the logo. Excellent.

  10. Juh!

    I AM THE LAW!–I mean surgeon

  11. olddryasdust

    Judge… Med?

  12. monkeynifefight

    Medd, surely.