Awesome Hospital Forever, Page 34

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  1. Phil "The Thrill" Looney

    2099 WITH THE FONT

  2. Shard

    Methinks the new Doctor Robot takes after her father a bit.

  3. robcat

    Nice wheels!

  4. The Pretentious Fool

    Awesome Hospital 2099. You just blew my mind. One of my favorite webcomics, mixed with one of my favorite comic worlds. Consider me floored.

  5. monkeynifefight

    Judith is to Michelle as T-800 is to T-1000.

  6. chudleycannonfodder

    Love the use of the 2099 font.

    I read the first case last summer and part of the second, but stopped following webcomics when the fall semester kicked in; I’m psyched to go back and reread everything and see how case 2 ended and what type of crazy Busiek thing you have going on here. Also, I think with the next page this becomes the longest running case of Awesome Hospital! It’s awesome seeing that the series keeps grow. Sims and Bowers and Digges (and Krach) 4EVER!

  7. Undrave

    She has her father’s wheel! that’s so cute.

  8. deebeemonster

    This is some really excellent comic book art by Mr. Digges. Once you get past the flash of 100 dudes on spacebikes, you need some strong “quiet” shots and he brought his A game for this. Probably my favorite piece so far to be honest.

  9. billso