Awesome Hospital Forever, Page 35

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  1. robcat

    Oh, good! Got the Alan Alda joke in!

  2. peterntrinh

    “And I can take or leave it if I pleeeeease!”

  3. monkeynifefight

    Wow, I forgot all about Alan Alda.

  4. billso

    Dr. Space Baby looks so confused…

  5. fourthingsandalizard

    Back up everybody. I’m goin’ ALL DIRTBIKE.

  6. EverydayHeretic

    I’m loving all the Dredd jokes in these past few pages, thanks for making my day.

  7. Mikki

    Dr. Space Baby don’t wide with just anybody.

  8. Jenny Creed

    I want to hear this hypercratic oath.

    And yes, I will try to go all dirtbike today. On foot, even.