Occasionally we get requests from our readers asking us show what Awesome Hospital was like in different eras.

With Excellent Medicine, you saw the Awesome Hospital of the past, and with Radiclinic One, you’ve seen the future. What you might not know, is that the AH of the 80s was a little less organized, and a bit more disorderly.


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  1. Skrad


  2. quietm4n

    you sure that’s not weakass hospital in the 80’s? I would have thought that it had Dr.BMX and nurse Judd Nelson in it

  3. Bill Walko

    I thought you might link to “Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace” (do yourself a favor and search it on YouTube…)

  4. Zero00430

    Bill Walko: You are so right. That is/was a fantastically awesome show.

  5. Anonyme

    Excellent timing.

  6. Aerokii

    Great comic! Would love to see it continued, sometime soon if possible 😛