Awesome Hospital Forever, Page 37

And we’re back!

With this strip, Awesome Hospital has finally returned to our time-spanning epic, and we appreciate your patience while we all dealt with a surprisingly busy summer.  Thanks for your support, everyone!

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  1. Doron

    is that Dr. McCoy as his father?

  2. Jack


  3. Dash Magnum


    Time Paralysis.

    Brilliant work, gentlemen.

  4. Evan Waters

    I’m assuming Fontana is a reference to D. C. Fontana.

  5. JoeAconite

    His father is Doctor Dammit!

  6. robcat

    “Awesome Hospital Forver, page 37”? That’s it? Really?

  7. monkeyknifefight

    Would you guys mind taking all the pinups and putting them somewhere else, so readers can click smoothly through the actual story arc? Just a request. Thanks.

  8. Chronocidal

    Looks like it’s time to get more than just the plot moving again!

  9. billso

    He’s the real McCoy!

  10. mdal

    Hurray! Glad to have you fellas back.