Awesome Hospital Forever, Page 57

Aw snap!  What could Mike have in his pocket?

Well, you’ll have to wait a few days to find out, Action Agents!  The staff at Awesome Hospital is taking a little break over the holidays, but we’ll be back on track in January for the soul-shocking finale of “Awesome Hospital Forever!”

Happy Holidays, everybody!

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  1. fourthingsandalizard

    I plan to propose shirtless, wearing a motorbike helmet.

  2. Justice_Junkies

    It’s Zuzu’s petals! They’re here!

  3. Oz

    Run, it’s a magnet!

  4. Kestrel

    String, or nothing!

  5. Trevor

    First panel… Boom mic?

  6. OkiiInu

    Could Dr. Robot give a better definition of “on-track” sometime before the end of January?

  7. Freemage

    So, followed the link from Dr. McNinja. Devoured the archives in a single sitting. Damn good stuff.

  8. Dave

    Chris Hastings said I should read this. So I did. No regrets.

  9. Duc

    Dr McNinja’s been filling in while Mike was gone. He CAN ride a bike, you know…
    …but I don’t know about his operating room technique

  10. Gibandit

    ^ same aas above i just ate the archives and they were awesome

  11. DarkMyste

    just came from doc.mcninja and ate you archives, hope there enough left forthe other that come here and i must saay you story telling is very impressive, and using the timesquence of story telling with out getting mixed up is also impressive, please continue the storyline so far i am very much liking it..

  12. DarkMyste

    also love the kirby drawing style

  13. Manboobs-13

    Was referred by a doc mcninja, think I might just go here instead of his clinic from now on. Assuming you guys ever reopen from holiday break

  14. PhantomFox

    Read through the comic so far and enjoyed. You really need to make an archive though, or some way to jump to specific strips.

  15. Boba

    Dr. McNinja sent me. I read it all before dinner.

    I like. Give more of this strange comic. It’s delicious.

  16. J

    Like Boba said, I was referred by a certain masked physician/ninjutsu practicioner. I will still be reading him, but now I’m double majoring in medical awesomeness. Just finished the last page five seconds ago (six, seven, etc)

  17. Billy The Bobster

    Well, now I have something to read on every day of the week! :)

    (For those unfamiliar, Dr. McNinja updates MWF…)

  18. Lady Ruth

    Chris over at Dr McNinja gets the blame for my reading too. Loving the stories and art work so far, looking forward to it resuming!

  19. Zero00430

    Okay, I just spent the weekend catching up on this greatness that is Awesome Hospital. If it weren’t for Dr McNinja, I would never have heard of you. I have one thing to say, CROSSOVER.

  20. Prem

    Next Page:
    Mike “I love you more than anything, so I have to do this….


  21. Greem

    Another one referred to from McNinja. Can’t wait for the next update.

  22. St. Elred

    Came from McNinja as well. This comic is extremely relevant to my interests…

  23. Anonyme

    Kyep, me too. Started at Dr. McNinja (who should totally team up with you guys for a chapter or so. I would read the sh*t out of that ), found a link here and read the whole thing in under an hour. AND IT WAS AWESOME. Definitely going on my personal list of awesome things.

  24. itssnowing

    At first, I thought he was going to go back in time again, but he’s going to propose, isn’t he? =D

  25. Kyronic

    Wow, it seems like a lot of people came from Dr. McNinja… and so did I. I just found these comics not long ago and they’re awesome.