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  1. DarkMyste

    don’t mean to nitpick

    but “you’ve just become the fiance of a madman, you know right?”
    become doesn’t seem to fit in the sentence, and not one to say anything wrong but wouldn’t been easier to have said
    you’ve just became the fiance of madman, you know right?

    became seems to fit in the sentence even, i would think become would be meaning she was saying that about herself, not saying to another person

  2. DarkMyste

    blarg see even i screwed up the sentence by leaving the damn a out it sighs

  3. Dr. Drews

    …is Dr. Prop Comic dressed as Aquaman?

  4. monkeyknifefight

    1. The “misconstruing” thing is hilarious.
    2. There she is! Nurse Native American! She’s my favorite character.
    3. Bowers and Sims vs DarkMyste in the great Grammar debate of 2012…Bowers and Sims win by a landslide.

  5. DarkMyste

    lol i wasn’t saying anything about grammar, its just that become would be saying that to one self rather then being told that you have became.. see what i mean become would be presented as speaking to oneself of identifying one role…

    become would be past
    became present

  6. DarkMyste

    but like i said i am not one nit pick even i have my problems with spelling contextual structuring, but the comic has never ever seem to sound strange as that sentence when she spoke

  7. Galadredid

    @DarkMyste: Have become is correct. This a construction known as the perfect tense, and English is really bad about differentiating past and present as you’ve pointed out, but it doesn’t matter much in this situation. You make a perfect tense by conjugating “to have” and adding a past participle. You have become (present), you had become (past), you will have become (future). “To have” is the part that is changed. You never use “have became” because “become” is the past participle and “became” has absolutely no place in any perfect tense.

    Consequently: “You have [just] become.”

  8. fourthingsandalizard

    @DarkMyste: Yeah, they’re right. You’re disregarding the “have” in “you’ve”.

    Dr. Genius knows how women think, it appears.

  9. DarkMyste

    @ galadrerdid yeah you;re right when you show it like and explain it in that way of understanding that makes sense.
    and @fouth yeah i see that i did forget the ‘ve thanks for showing that to me at least you and gala actually shown me and not insult me when trying to have actual conversion{ and you guys have yet to tell me in any form that would act negative reaction to cause defensive action that i tend to get when trying to point out something that seem strange in regards in how we perceive.

    thanks for taking the time to explain it to me .

  10. monkeyknifefight

    My bad DarkMyste, I should have tried to explain instead of just declaring you wrong. I apologize. Thanks, Galadredid and fourthingsandalizard, for setting things right.

    I feel shame.

  11. DarkMyste

    its okay monkey as i was saying it just reading/sounding was the strange part, but like i said i am not a nitpicker and or correction monger, i was misunderstanding the sentence of the meaning.

    as i see i learned something new and that’s why i had to ask. so don’t feel shame, sometimes even professional have there time when they look at something and when they read it sounds wrong but its actually right.. so i shall declare this a Mulligan for us