Awesome Hospital Forever, Page 62

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  1. DarkMyste

    Just then awesome hospital raises army of zombies to keep doctor dirtbike in the room as, that or it makes robotic copy of Judith’s body and begins to have conversation with mike.

  2. Dr. Drews

    or, you know, he could just be in a room talking to himself theres always that.

    personally this doesn’t feel right, like something is going to happen to shatter our sense of finality. or maybe i just want to see some more time travel who knows.

  3. Undrave

    Mike had a fling with his workplace? that’s the worse office romance there is, if it goes sour you keep running into door or stubbing toes on furniture.

  4. Mea

    To relive the scene in panel 3:

    And yes, the intercom is there.

  5. DarkMyste

    well if you remember the in the future the hospital does actually want dirt bike there and tries to prevent him from leaving so if the hospital does talk to him it would be thru a intercom or maaybe the hospital can reconfigure something that can move around as way to keep mike busy

  6. eerilychildish

    There’s nothing saying he had any sort of relationship with the hospital. I think it’s more likely to be an unrequited love kind of thing.

  7. Anonyme

    GUYS GUYS HERE’S A THEORY Dr. Crazy Ex is somehow connected to and/or a part of the hospital. Hidden cameras, psychic energy link, whatever. The point is that she’s been orchestrating this whole crazy thing and everything makes sense now. Yaaay.

  8. DarkMyste


    you may be on to something unless the hospital thinks that there was a relationship was more to the hospital then what mike thinks than rather just being a doctor in a building.anonyme you may have a point maybe she reconfigured it so that hospital; can keep them both together.

  9. AkuMetsu091

    Shit just got /waaaaaaaaay/ too weird. Is he the one with an affair with the hospital, or. Was Judith the one who dated the hospital? Was the hospital able to love this far back in the present? Will Dr. Baby’sfather ever heal? Find out next week on—AwesomeHospitaL: FoREVER!! Du dun dudu duuuuuunnn *closing theme, credits roll*