Awesome Hospital Forever, Page 63

Hey there, Action Agents:  Today isn’t just Valentine’s Day, it’s also the birthday of AH Co-Creator Chad Bowers!  Happy Birthday, Chad!

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  1. AkuMetsu091

    AwesomeHospitaL: FoREVER!! Du dun dudu duuuuuunnn *opening theme, credits roll*welcome back, last week on AH:FoREVER; I was thoroughly continuing a joke that a whole five people will actually notice.

  2. AkuMetsu091

    Let’s get back to the action…

  3. DarkMyste

    aku this is the action, i rather like the way its rolling, but i wonder what the dropping of the scalpel signify since he stating seeing his daughter and the fact he saying guess who had the broken heart after i guessing he got it after seeing his daughter and hearing what Judith said to her about never caring for her and always working to never bother to spend time with his family that would break my heart if i was told that…

    guess thats why he saying guess who had the broken heart after seeing that…

  4. Dr. Drews

    time travel was never my strong suit, someone page me when it gets easier to understand?