Awesome Hospital Forever, Pages 65 and 66

Hey Action Agents!  Just for the record, we’ve got more from your favorite hospital coming next week at the usual time!  Believe it or not, we’re not even out of this saga yet!

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  1. DarkMyste

    yay!!! no more screw ups

  2. fourthingsandalizard

    My friends and I are no longer friends. We are awesome.

  3. rigigin

    awesome friends…… with benefits?

  4. AkuMetsu091

    I waited three weeks before coming back for this? No final fight? Tron-esqe computerization? No explosion?

  5. AkuMetsu091

    Drama resolved is boring! Bring me more strife!

  6. wraithstrike

    I’m going to use this line in conversation.

  7. aaron

    youve been awesomely…friendzoned

  8. Kyronic

    I’m gonna use that line if I ever break up with someone.