Awesome Hospital Forever: Epilogue 1

It’s been a while, so don’t feel too bad if you forgot why Dr. Guitar Solo stayed in the past.

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  1. Chronocidal

    So, is he off to create a Robot, Metal, or both?

  2. DarkMyste

    yes, the robot that we all know and love Judith.

  3. Earlofthercs

    The a gag from a set up 41 strips ago? I think Chris-es Sims and (80s) Claremont may have crossed over somewhere in the time stream with that kind of long term planning.

  4. Keepbro

    Dr. Guitar Solo is definitely my favourite. I’d read a strip with just him in it.

  5. Miss Danse

    Super Sexy Sven Smirk! (say THAT 5 times fast)

  6. Oz

    Had the kids from our Church’s Youth Group sing this song on Rock Band at a shut in. I thought the ubiquitous church lady was going to have a stroke.