Awesome Hospital Forever: Epilogue 2

The Ever-Lovin’ End!

Finally, after more than a year, we’ve reached the end of Forever! We hope you’ve enjoyed it, and we’ll be taking a little break over the next few weeks to get things sorted out, but we appreciate all the support for the World’s Most Awesome Medical Drama Webcomic!

But don’t worry, Action Agents!  You’re cordially invited to the wedding of Michael J. Dirtbike and Judith Genius Model 002 Surgical Robot in our next senses-shattering story!

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  1. Kestrel

    This is, bar none, the most Awesome (with a capital ‘A’) comic ever!

  2. Mea

    Wait, if Mike marries Judith, doesn’t that fix the timeline that created the Moto-Medicals so it and the Moto-Medicals no longer exist? Yet it does so…

    Argh, paradox!

    Mommie, time travel makes my head hurt.

  3. Anonyme

    To Mea: The way it would work is that they would still exist somewhere, but Mike and the others would no longer be able to reach them. I’m sorta basing this off the many-worlds aspect of time travel, where everything is possible but what is is “rea”l or not real for any person in particular is based on the decisions of that person. Since Mike decides to marry Judith, he can no longer use time travel to access his possible futures in which he didn’t. Woo logicks!

    To the rest of this: That. Is. AWESOME.

  4. Nick

    So… dirtbiking through time only blows your shirt off if you’re wearing a helmet? (Not sure I want to see shirtless Judith) Or is this just a “forward-vs-backward-in-time” difference? :)

  5. Euc

    *slow clap* Awesome, awesome storyline and an epic end! Yay!

  6. fourthingsandalizard

    Trapped in a dimension of manly dirtbike-riding doctors. …Not bad.

  7. drfreex

    Haha, truly an awesome and appropriate end. And, once more: Best. Alternate Text. Ever.

  8. Zero00430

    So begins the Awesome gang-you-know-what?

  9. Oz

    so she only loved him for his looks? Typical shallow/crazy woman…

  10. mr. breaksit

    … is that Takei?

  11. Quacthulhu

    Moar! Encore!

  12. Anonyme

    So are we planning on updating ever again here, or what?

  13. Darien

    The way Dr. Crazy Ex Girlfriend was drawn (especially when she first showed up) reminded me of “Cuddy” from House… is it just me?

  14. LockeZ

    Uh it’s been two months now. You guys said this was the end of the story arc, not of the comic, and that the break would last a few weeks. What the hell?

  15. Kaji Fireson

    Oi. These guys’re doing a webcomic on the internet you can read for free, they can come back to the project when they’re good and god damn ready. And if they don’t, there are only about 39870958459387 other webcomics on the internet you can read for free for you to check out instead. If you wanna’ bust their balls over a hiatus that is longer than predicted, you’re welcome to try it yourself.

  16. LockeZ

    I like the comic and want to know if they plan to keep making it. They disappeared and I’m worried about whether everything is all right. What the hell is your problem?

  17. Andrew


    Next time you want to know why someone is taking a long time to do something, don’t ask “what the hell?” It makes you sound like an entitled asshole.

    Everyone who has ever run into a delay, ever

  18. LockeZ


    Next time you want to imply someone is acting like an entitled asshole, try to do so without also implying that the creative work they’re bitching about is nothing special and not really worth caring about. (This comic is Awesome with a capital A and they should keep making it, no question. Reading other comics instead is not an option; this one fills a void in my soul like nothing else can.)

    Everyeone who has ever been on the verge of quitting due to motivational problems, ever

  19. Andrew

    But aren’t there so many nicer ways of asking when something will be done? I’m just telling you that politesse can get you everywhere. Food for thought, Lockster.

  20. Posh_Bear

    Or, you know, we could just realize that no offence was meant and that we’re really all just wondering when we can get some more Awesome. That sounds pretty good.
    So yeah, two-month hiatus? Did someone die?

  21. Chris Sims

    Hey guys. Thanks for checking in with us. Nobody’s dead, but Chad, Matt, Josh and I have all been working on a bunch of stuff in our absence that’s unfortunately led us to put AH on the back-burner for now. But don’t worry, we’re still planning on coming back!

    In the meantime, if you want more from Team Awesome Hospital, those links in the sidebar can take you to a few of our other projects! Thanks for sticking with us, folks, we appreciate it.

  22. Neverknown

    And while we wait for the highly anticipated update, we can all stare at “what the hell” LockeZ’s comments, in which he chose to leave eyesore remarks instead of just moving on. This isn’t your Facebook wall; this is some one else’s own comic webpage for goodness sakes.

    Thanks for letting us know what’s been up Chris. I’ll always be checking back for updates from one of my favorite comics no matter how long it takes.