Fearsome Hospital, Part Two

With this, Josh and Matt’s Fearsome Hospital comes to a close! We hope you’ve enjoyed this little resurrection, and if you have, check out some of our other work together! Chad, Chris and Josh are currently working on Subatomic Party Girls with artist Erica Henderson, and the upcoming graphic novel Down Set Fight with artist Scott Kowalchuk! Matt is currently hard at work on another project with Chad and Chris, and hopefully we’ll have some news about that soon!

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Discussion (4) ¬

  1. maxbenign

    “This wall of sound won’t fend these specters off for long!”

    Thanks for that one.

  2. Ticker

    It’s a real shame that this comic was finished. I’dve loved to see more of the various doctors and nurses.

  3. SpoonyViking

    To think I missed this resurrection when it first rolled around! “Awesome Hospital” more than lived up to its name.

  4. nariStar

    Why is it I always walk in after things end!!
    I love this comic!!!